Chorley Catenians Circle 23

Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

What are the Catenians all about?

Put simply: Faith, Family, Friendship, and Fun.

What is the Catenian Association?

We are an international brotherhood of Catholic men that meets socially every month at local branches known as “Circles”. We encourage each other and our families both in social life and at work.

Structure and membership

The Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 and there are now approximately 7,000 members, called Brothers, mostly in the UK, but also in Australia, India, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

“Catena” is Latin for “Chain”. The Chain has approximately 300 links called Circles. Chorley is the 23rd Circle and was founded in 1914. Circles are grouped geographically in Provinces; in the UK there are 19 Provinces.

We are in Province 10, which overlaps Liverpool, Salford, Leeds and Lancaster Diocese:

There are three levels within the structure of the association:

flowchart TD A[Circles and Circle Councils] B[Provincial Councils] C["National Council (Offices in Coventry)"] A <--> B B <--> C

Each level has a Council, which is led by a President, Circle President, Provincial President, and National President. Presidents are elected annually, providing frequent opportunity for change in style and social content.

Objectives of the association

What we are not


Monthly Meeting

  • The same day of the same week e.g. Chorley is the third Monday of every month (excluding August).
  • Formal Meeting - Dinner follows.
  • After Dinner Speaker, on a whole variety of topics.
  • Quizzes, Choral entertainment, Race Nights etc..


  • Prayers in Monthly meeting.
  • President’s Annual Mass.
  • Annual Mass for Vocation.
  • Annual Circle Mass for Deceased Brothers.
  • Mass following the death of a Brother.

With Wives and Familes

  • Ladies’ Informal Evenings.
  • Ladies’ Formal Dinner Dance.
  • Social Gatherings - Rambles, Picnics, Visits, Canal Trips, Weekend Trips, Overseas Trips, etc..
  • Regular Ladies’ Lunches.
  • Visiting other Circles. (Visiting is one of the main, and one of the most enjoyable, ways of developing social bonds — e.g. local normal Monthly Meetings, while travelling, or on moving home.)
  • Enjoying other Circles’ Social Functions.
  • Other Circles’ Ladies’ Formals and Informals.
  • Annual Provincial Weekend.
  • Provincial Families’ Day.
  • Provincial Ball.
  • Annual Provincial Mass for Deceased Brothers.
  • Provincial Golf Tournament.
  • Provincial Snooker Tournament.
  • Provincial Bowls Tournament.
  • Provincial Darts & Dominos Tournament.
  • Golf - UK, Ireland and France.
  • Catenian Caravanning Fellowship .
  • Annual Association Conference.
  • Malta Week.
  • National President’s International Visit.
  • Monthly Catena Magazine.